brushing hair photo

  • Trace your symptoms & mineral imbalance through the matrix of hair
  • Hair mineral report provides more accurate information than blood test and urine test based on a preventative health care perspective
  • Provide a complete guideline of appropriate diet
  • Boost your immune system and a cost effective weight loss program
  • Trace Element laboratory serves thousands of health professionals in over 46 countries and it provides one of the best synergies of supplement on the market

What does a Hair Analysis Report include?

Multi-Element Assay (36 Elements) of Hair Includes: Comprehensive reports for both the Doctor and the Patient.

  • Copy of the test results (graphic illustration of levels and ratios). A complete individualized evaluation and detailed discussion of the patient’s metabolic type, current mineral levels and ratios, and their impact upon body chemistry.
  • Recommendations of specific foods and food groups, along with an explanation of why each food is suggested.
  • Supplement recommendations based upon age, sex, metabolic type, mineral patterns and specific need as seen on the tissue mineral analysis and other accompanying clinical test data and history.