Nikolaos P.

I have a physically demanding job with a huge telecommunication corporation that offers Internet, Phone and TV Service. I have a chronic pain in my right elbow. I am always upset with the manner in which jobs are assigned. I am given the heaviest workload and I produce 400% (as an average) more than the other employees. I know I overdo it, but they also give me the most difficult assignments. Yes, I solve them, but it is very frustrating.

I went to get a “deep cleaning” from Robert Tang and also attended a meet-up with Robert and Karen on the 10th and 11th of December, 2016. In the meet-up session Robert and Karen told us of the “Chaos” intensifying as the year ends. We ground, we are upgraded and we are prepared to just float through this period of “Chaos”. The next day, at work there is a huge technical chaos and all the phones and TV systems go down. Everyone is dealing with the chaos, except me. The entire day, I was only assigned Internet connections and that system was working just fine. I just floated through the easiest Internet connections. It wasn’t just a coincidence that for the first time ever, I was not given one TV hook-up. I wasn’t given anything that had to do with the technical chaos everyone, except myself, was dealing with.

At the meet-up Robert gave an example of while on tour in China, he ate something bad and had a terrible stomachache. He touched it, told the pain he loved it and it went away. I placed my hand on my chronic elbow pain and told it I loved it, just as Robert had explained. The pain just DISAPPEARED!

I THANK, Robert, the Divine, and all the angels and masters Robert calls upon to heal us.

Dolores P.

As the year closes and the 9-year cycle comes to an end, the chaos has begun. One specific incident that I would like to share is the following. A year ago, I had a work-related injury that is covered my Workman’s Comp Insurance. I was seen by 6 different MDs and physical therapist. I improved and I believe it was over. Exactly one year later, this November, I received an certified package that basically said Workman’s Comp Insurance is not going to pay, so I have to pay. I am upset and freaking out.

I am waiting for Robert Tang to get back from his Chinese tour to get some healing and grounding. In early December, I had some “deep cleansing” and I follow Robert’s listening instructions. Five days later, to make a very long story short, I am informed that the Benefit Review Board, where I needed to be represented by counsel, because they were going to railroad me, is cancelled. I call to inquiry and Texas Insurance Workman’s Comp decided to pay the medical expense. As they say “It is done. And so it is”!!!!!

I express my sincerest thanks for this daily miracle in this period of chaos. I feel as though I am watching a dream in slow motion, as I see the chaos around me in so many different dramatic scenes. I am just floating through it.

Thank you Robert Tang, the Divine, Ascended Masters and Spirit Guides!

Continued Blessing Robert!

Sophia, Houston Texas

I attended an event and was glad I went. I later purchased a CD, “Don’t worry be happy.” I am always happy near the end of the CD as it fills my heart and cells with love. Don’t worry be happy. Many blessings. I started my day with this for twenty one days straight and I have experienced phenomenal manifestation with no worries.

Sarah Brock, Alvarado, TX

I am an energy healing practitioner myself & receiving sessions from Robert & attending his workshops has taken my work to a new level. I am very grateful for his healing ability & guidance. I recommend with all my heart to check out his work. He radiates much love, truth, & wisdom!

San Antonio, Texas

I go to Robert’s Meetup. Whenever I attend, I always leave with a healing having occurred. It is very uplifting and transformative. I also was fortunate to attend his 5 Emotions Healing workshop.

I was suffering from grief from a Loved Ones passing. I realized a day after the class that I No Longer suffered from grief. I had released IT, with Roberts assistance. Thank You, Robert and God Bless You for helping humanity!!

Kay, Paris,TX

Had hip pain for years and after one session with Robert got tremendous relief. If I feel pain I listen to my CD he
made for me & pain is gone. Highly recommend his work. Thanks Robert.

Fernando Aguirre, Houston TX

Robert tang’s work is amazing!!!! After only 2 visit’s my pain is almost completely gone!! If you suffer from any pain in your body & have tried several things with no results, GIVE ROBERT A TRY & YOU WON’T BE DISAPPOINTED!!!

Judy Satori, New Zealand

“Robert Tang is a very competent and high level energy and sound healer who gives complete dedication to his work with Spirit.”

Nicole Brown, Acutonics Advocate, Boston, MA

“I have been a migraine sufferer for years.  Most of my doctors would prescribe pain killers and other strong medications that fixed the symptoms temporarily, but could not address the underlying problem.  Acutonicsnot only provides me with quick, non-invasive migraine relief, it also restores balance to the whole body and mind, reducing the recurrence and potency of future migraines.  When the body is balanced and grounded, it is less susceptible to external stress and illness.”

Susan Paris, Boston, MA

Acutonics sound healing has been very effective and helpful.  Since undergoing this treatment with Robert Tang, I’ve been able to experience and enjoy life at much deeper levels.  It feels like barriers to my true nature have been removed.  The results are long-lasting!”

Lisa Gilman, Brighton, MA

“Robert is by far the best healer and practitioner I’ve ever been to.  He has helped me significantly with…hormonal imbalance, severe lower back pain, and food poisoning… He is amazing and truly gifted!”

Elaine S, Houston, TX

“I suffered from several injuries which left me with sciatic pain off and on for over 40 years, with no relief in sight…I began the Pulsor® treatments with Robert Tang…The morning after my second session my back stopped hurting and I didn’t have any shooting pain down my leg…It has been 2 months now and still no shooting pains…I have my life back!”

W. J., Manhattan, NY

“I travel to many cities around the country, and always try to find the best health support possible.  Robert Tang is an exceptional practitioner of massage therapy— and his work includes a deep understanding of not just the physical structure of the body, but also the subtle energy centers that make up the whole picture.  This man is a “top notch”healer.”

Costa K, Houston, TX

“Robert is by far the best muscular therapist.  He takes a geniune interest in determining the root cause and working to correct the problem.  He is very professional and works diligently.  Robert is very well trained and use the finest techniques available.  I had a chronic lower back issue and he used his training, experience and unique technique to correct my back issue.  Very trustworthy.”

Linnette F, Houston, TX

“Robert is outstanding and I highly recommend him. His muscular/medical massage and accupressure techniques are the best and he has provided healing to me that I haven’t been able to find with any other massage therapist. I’ve seen several therapists in Houston and even seen quite a few while I’ve traveled, and he is simply the best!”

Shannon S, Houston, TX

“Words will never express the GRATITUDE I have for Robert.  I am a person who suffers from EXTREME STRESS and I react physically to it.  I was lead to Robert simply by fate.  His treatment modalities are the most therapeutic and holistic approaches I have ever encountered.  I will NEVER go to anyone else!  I kept his card and found myself searching for it when I desperately needed him a second time.  He responded to me instantly, saw me the same day and I left feeling restored and no longer in pain.  His hands are truly blessed by GOD. This is NOT an exaggeration!   There is no way anyone would disagree after just one session.  He shares his knowledge with you so that you do not leave with “just a massage” but a wealth of info to apply in your daily life as well.  SO PROFESSIONAL!!!  SO GIFTED!!  He completely individualizes his treatments and amazes me with his insight into deeper issues that I did not even recognize.  I am also starting the emotional healing sessions he offers and have nothing but faith in his abilities.  HE IS A TRUE HEALER!”

Melinda L, Houston, TX

“He is GREAT!  He helped me get rd of frozen shoulder and is helping me cope w rheumatoid arthritis. He also does cupping and sound wave acupuncture which is terrific. I highly recommend him.”

Gina B, Houston, TX

“Robert is amazing. He’s the best massage therapist I have ever used, and believe me, I’ve used many over the years. He is the first therapist who knew how to treat thoracic outlet syndrome. I have recommended him to two friends and will continue to recommend him to my friends who are open to massage therapy. As a bonus, he’s a genuinely pleasant person and a joy to be around.”

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Robert is a healer and clairvoyant. He has been practicing holistic medicine and Feng Shui for over 24 years. He is the founder of Galactic Language Association to promote Galactic Language Healing and ascension process through the guidance of Light and Love. Robert facilitates sacred geometry healing with ArcAngels and Universal Consciousness to perform private sessions. As a Lightworker to prepare humanity for soul ascension, Robert travels around the world to conduct group teaching events and healing.

During his 24 years of healing experience, he has specialized in treating chronic pain, sports and auto injuries, trauma abuse, blocked chakras, mental and emotional imbalance, gynecological issues and digestive issues.

In the later development of his practice, he has expanded his work into the Divine realm with Galactic Language Healing. This special mission is a calling from the God and Buddhist consciousness to restore Love, Peace, and Oneness within our authentic souls. The root of Galactic Language Healing specifically focuses on the task of karmic release for emotional and physical symptoms, past and present life reading, space clearing, chakras and aura realignment, animal healing and long distance healing.

Robert has been practicing Feng Shui for over 22 years. He learned his Feng Shui techniques from world-renowned Feng Shui Master Raymond Lo who uses a combination of Eight House and Flying Stars methods to enhance the accuracy of the charts arrangement. He has helped hundreds of families and couples find auspicious houses, cured their misfortune and turned their lives into abundance, health and wealth living.

Robert is a formerly certified Acutonics® instructor for Kairos Institute of Sound Healing, a certified neuromuscular and myofascial release therapist, a certified Lypossage therapist for fat and cellulite reduction, and an approved consultant for Trace Elements to conduct hair tissue mineral analysis consultations. He was awarded for the Feng Shui Consultant of the year 2014 - 2018 by Houston Business Recognition.