Galactic Language Association (GLA) is a holistic group that we share the experience of soul ascension process through the activation and recalibration of speaking, writing and drawing sacred geometry symbols with Galactic Language of Light. It is a language that speaks to your heart and soul from the Divine energy and Universal Consciousness. The tones and vibration regenerate the previously dormant human DNA potential. Our soul family members and their loved ones can participate our meetups, workshops, and private one-on-one sessions in order to evolve our consciousness to the authentic Love, Peace, and Oneness.

The purpose of our events, online videos, online webinars, and private sessions is to focus on karmic release, emotional healing, physical trauma, past and present life reading, space clearing, chakras cleansing, aura realignment, sound healing, and animal healing. Long distance sessions are available upon request.

GLA provides teaching on how to utilize the Galactic Language of Light to upgrade our consciousness, restore Love and Peace, recalibrate our cells and DNA as a catalyst for soul ascension. You will learn a variety of protocols to upgrade and advance your physical, emotional, mental and soul levels. The experience of this pure consciousness is a guide to the path of enlightenment.

Class Curriculum:

Level 1 – The activation to speak the Galactic Language of Light
Level 2 – Self-Healing; soul instructions to balance and heal our own spiritual, emotional and physical bodies
Level 3 – Hands-on applications for private practice by utilizing the Galactic Language of Light
Level 4 – Advanced applications on restoring the authentic genetic codes and Light Shield Initiation
Level 5 – Galactic Language Writing – Sacred Geometry Coding; Space Clearing Protocol
Level 6 – Protocols to release spells and curses; Divine Light Space Clearing
Level 7 – Galactic Light Language Group Practice, Healing for Soul Advancement and animal healing
Level 8 – Galactic Language Activation Codes for group teaching

Our Meetup groups provide most of our 2-3 hours events on many different topics monthly. All of the events are directly related to your daily life experience. You learn how to neutralize your negative emotions, release karmic attachments and restore joy, love, and happiness through the Galactic Language cleansing, activations, and upgrades. Our goal is to share the energy of the energy of Light and Love to the entire world.

Check out the links for the upcoming events:

The positive and God’s consciousness needs to stay within our heart and soul in order to stop the suffering. If you are ready to cut the old patterns and change your future for better, please join our soul family through our events and share this information to your loved ones, friends and family.

Many Blessings!~

Robert is a healer and clairvoyant. He has been practicing holistic medicine and Feng Shui for over 24 years. He is the founder of Galactic Language Association to promote Galactic Language Healing and ascension process through the guidance of Light and Love. Robert facilitates sacred geometry healing with ArcAngels and Universal Consciousness to perform private sessions. As a Lightworker to prepare humanity for soul ascension, Robert travels around the world to conduct group teaching events and healing.

During his 24 years of healing experience, he has specialized in treating chronic pain, sports and auto injuries, trauma abuse, blocked chakras, mental and emotional imbalance, gynecological issues and digestive issues.

In the later development of his practice, he has expanded his work into the Divine realm with Galactic Language Healing. This special mission is a calling from the God and Buddhist consciousness to restore Love, Peace, and Oneness within our authentic souls. The root of Galactic Language Healing specifically focuses on the task of karmic release for emotional and physical symptoms, past and present life reading, space clearing, chakras and aura realignment, animal healing and long distance healing.

Robert has been practicing Feng Shui for over 22 years. He learned his Feng Shui techniques from world-renowned Feng Shui Master Raymond Lo who uses a combination of Eight House and Flying Stars methods to enhance the accuracy of the charts arrangement. He has helped hundreds of families and couples find auspicious houses, cured their misfortune and turned their lives into abundance, health and wealth living.

Robert is a formerly certified Acutonics® instructor for Kairos Institute of Sound Healing, a certified neuromuscular and myofascial release therapist, a certified Lypossage therapist for fat and cellulite reduction, and an approved consultant for Trace Elements to conduct hair tissue mineral analysis consultations. He was awarded for the Feng Shui Consultant of the year 2014 - 2018 by Houston Business Recognition.