Staphylococcus aureau Magnification 20,000The human body is designed with the intelligence to heal itself. Consider, for example, the simple yet sophisticated way in which the body self-heals from a cut. Sometimes, however, the body is bombarded with interference that overwhelms and compromises the body’s self-healing mechanisms. Interference may be caused by the accumulative effect of any number of factors – such as ongoing stress, poor nutrition, self-destructive behaviors, or environmental toxins.


In the case of pharmaceuticals or supplements, the matter is straightforward: Replace the missing substance, and the body process will return to normal. In the case of the mind-body-spirit forms of healing, however, the approach is less about adding the missing puzzle piece and more about facilitating an overall state of wellness. The basic idea here is that illness is dis-ease – a state of imbalance or dissonance in the body; so when we activate a state of balance and harmony, the illness naturally will fade away.


The Reconnection® shares the basic objective of returning the body to balance. It distinguishes itself from other modalities, however, by circumventing the poses, needles, meridians, and techniques, and instead directly taps into the universal healing intelligence – that same intelligence that enables the body to self-heal from a cut.


We can tap into the universal healing intelligence the same way that we can tap into sound, light, and electricity – through accessing and transmitting the vibrations emitted. The first step to accessing a force field is recognizing that it exists all around us. The next step is identifying, designing, and building the transmission instrument. In the case of sound, we have the radio. In the case of light, we have solar power systems. In the case of electricity, we have plugs and outlets. And in the case of universal healing intelligence, we have ourselves and each other.


When it comes to universal healing intelligence, we – human beings – are the transmission instrument. There is nothing to design or build, just something to cultivate. Brought up in a world of reading, writing, and arithmetic, we are not typically skilled at recognizing, never mind transmitting, healing vibrations. We are, however, equipped to do so. The Reconnection® is the activation of a human being’s innate ability to serve as an instrument of healing, to access a shift in consciousness that allows us to recognize, feel, absorb, and transmit an expanded level of the universal healing intelligence.