• An advance natural healing modality to enhance your subtle life force energy through the application of Pulsor® gyro-crystal device
  • Discharge the excessive electromagnetic radiation from using cell phones, computer, or any electrical devices
  • One of the deepest healing methods works on transforming your negative energy and emotion into positive spin without using psychic energy or device
  • Eradicate your emotional and physical issues and restore higher consciousness

Pulsor® has been used effectively for:

Emotional Stress | Migraine |Trauma Abuse |Asthma | Allergies | Colds | Food Allergies | Chronic Diarrhea | Indigestion | Diabetes | Gynecological Problems | Menopause Fibroids | Infertility

This healing methodology is deeply transformational, as it is relieving chronic and debilitating illness for which Western Medicine often has no answers. Studies of vibrational energy healing indicate the vibration of herbs is too weak to heal our bodies while drug frequency is too close to Earth and too solid. To create new cells we have to remove the dead ones. When the dead cells stay in our bodies, emotional and physical attachment won’t let go. Pulsor® healing helps the removal of dead cells and encourages the “letting-go” to restore inner harmony.